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Postitatud: 12.01.2009 23:10:30

I am planning to visit Tallin again to shop some Mosse stuff. I need all brake/clutch cylinders new alt repair kits för the masters and all bearings and gaskets to the engine.
Do they have all that on the shelf? So I wont take the ferry for no reason:P

Postitatud: 13.01.2009 00:45:59

i think they has everything what u need, but i advice 4 u take a call in that shop and as directly from there.

phone nr is +372 645 2482

Postitatud: 13.01.2009 08:56:29

Usually that kind of stuff has always been available from the shelf.

Postitatud: 13.01.2009 23:33:42

Thanks for the answers!Okay, do they know any english there at all or do I have to use my not so good finnish?

Postitatud: 14.01.2009 09:25:07

they r a old scool gys but i think they can undestud english, becose u not firest non estonian client there.

Postitatud: 29.01.2009 18:51:44

Isn't there somewhere you can like order your parts and pay via internet or something? It's quite a way to travel just for some parts!

Postitatud: 29.01.2009 19:43:46

Not really, these shops, that still exist, owners are all oldschool men and don't know much about internet i guess.
Maybe some firm offers a service to buy and deliver these parts for you, but most likely will cost more, than your ferry ticket to Tallinn.

Postitatud: 2.02.2009 12:50:34

TO: bad_droidboy
please send me your e-mail, I might have one solution how you can order your parts from Estonia.
My e-mail:


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